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MicroCap Speculator Alert – March 28, 2006

Pacific Rim Mining
Corp. (PMU)
is a
revenue-generating gold exploration company in the process of advancing
its flagship El Dorado gold project in El
.  The
Company’s goal is to become a low-cost, highly profitable
intermediate-level gold producer through the development of El Dorado and other
gold projects.  Pacific
‘s philosophy is quality over quantity.
 They believe that the sheer number of gold ounces a
company produces in a year is not as important as the profitability of
those ounces.  Their focus is on gold projects that have
the potential to be in the lowest quartile worldwide of costs – this
criterion guides their exploration from project generation through
development and production.  Its principal property is
the El Dorado gold property located in El
.  In addition,
the company holds exploration license for Santa Rita Gold Project,
El Salvador; a 49%
joint venture interest in the Denton Rawhide Mine, Nevada; a 100% interest in San
Argentina, as well as
interest in Carrera and Colina Gold Projects, Chile.

Pacific Rim Mining
Corp. is based in Vancouver, Canada and employs 100

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Does APGS Have What It Takes To Break Out?

Good morning!

APGS stock chart

Some more details on Apps Genius Corp. (APGS) ahead of this mornings bell.

APGS makes the Snookie phone game you might have seen on Conan OBrien. (See the video.)

And the Internet is now crawling with over 4 MILLION references to this APGS product.

With word-of-mouth like that, its a good bet APGS can sell a lot of these games to rabid Jersey Shore fans.

No accounting for taste, but theyve got money to spend on toys, and APGS is the company thats selling to them.

What really got my juices flowing on APGS was the hidden potential in its chart.

The overall trend points down, sure. Thats because investors keep pumping cash into APGS and getting minty-fresh shares in return.

Maybe dilution is a factor for long-term investors. You and me, though, were in it for the one-day trade.

When APGS sets up right, its proved it can spike 40% to 50% in a matter of minutes.

The latest big swing was only 2 weeks ago.

Thats when APGS leapt back up to the 50-day trend line after briefly dipping below it.

That reversion to trend translated into an easy 50% returnand as of Monday, APGS was in roughly the same position.

Meanwhile, APGS keeps growing its business into new areas like microfinancing.

Read up on Kickstarter and the $300 MILLION a year its raising for other start-up projects.

So if you loved this stock as the online presence of the Jersey Shore diva, its still got all the Snookie you can shake.

But if you were a Snookie hater, theres a lot more here now.

After all, this stock has shown us all that it can soar when it wants to.

And its picked up a loyal cult following in the process!

If APGS is back on the move, can you live with yourself if you miss it?

MicroCap Speculator Alert – April 11, 2006

SAMEX Mining Corp.
is a junior resource
company engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties
in South America, particularly in the countries of Chile and Bolivia. The Company focuses
its exploration activities on the search for precious metal deposits.
SAMEX management is motivated by a strong conviction that gold and silver
are precious, valuable �hard assets�. In spite of lackluster precious
metal prices of recent years, SAMEX has persistently maintained and
declared its strong belief that gold prices are significantly undervalued
(Editor note: It appears they were correct has gold topped $600 an ounce
this week). Their objective is to be well-positioned to benefit from
increases in the value of gold and silver. The Company holds an interest
in the Los Zorros district gold-copper-silver prospects in Chile and in
six mineral exploration properties in Bolivia; El Desierto, Eskapa, Santa
Isabel, Walter, Wara Wara, and Yaretani. They are an exploration stage
company and have no mineral producing properties at this time. All of
their properties are exploration projects, and we receive no revenues from

SAMEX is headquarted
in Abbotsford, British Colombia.

MicroCap Speculator Alert – April 25, 2006

Inc. (ITRO)
through its subsidiaries, offers photochemical recycling and related
silver recovery, and liquid fertilizer manufacturing services. It provides
photochemical management services; and sells photochemical concentrators,
silver and liquid fertilizer products. The company also provides mineral
project planning and technical services, such as mineral economics,
geological studies, mining and cost engineering, and project management
services to the U.S.
and foreign mining companies, public utilities with mineral interests,
various state agencies, the U.S. and foreign governments,
and the United Nations and the World Bank. It also publishes specialized
mineral economics and materials financial reports. The company markets its
photochemical products to photo-processing, printing, x-ray, and medical
organizations; and liquid fertilizer products to commercial markets,
including golf courses, turf farms, and specialty agriculture, which
includes vegetables, fruit and nut trees, and wine and table grapes in the
western United States markets in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii,
Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington; and in the eastern United States
markets in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

is headquartered in Reno, Nevada.