Investing In Penny Stocks Provides Traders


Investing in penny stocks provides traders with the opportunity to dramatically increase their profits, however, it also provides an equal opportunity to lose your trading capital quickly. These 5 tips will help you lower the risk of one of the riskiest investment vehicles.

1. Penny Stocks are a penny for a reason.

While we all dream about investing in the next Microsoft or the next Home Depot, the truth is, the odds of you finding that once in a decade success story are slim. These companies are either starting out and purchased a shell company because it was cheaper than an IPO, or they simply do not have a business plan compelling enough to justify investment banker’s money for an IPO. This doesn’t make them a bad investment, but it should make you be realistic about the kind of company that you are investing in.

2. Trading Volumes

Look for a consistent high volume of shares being traded. Looking at the average volume can be misleading. If ABC trades 1 million shares today, and doesn’t trade for the rest of the week, the daily average will appear to be 200 000 shares. In order to get in and out at an acceptable rate of return, you need consistent volume. Also look at the number of trades per day. Is it 1 insider selling or buying? Liquidity should be the first thing to look at. If there is no volume, you will end up holding “dead money”, where the only way of selling shares is to dump at the bid, which will put more selling pressure, resulting in an even lower sell price.

3. Does the company know how to make a profit?

While its not unusual to see a start up company run at a loss, its important to look at why they are losing money. Is it manageable? Will they have to seek further financing (resulting in dilution of your shares) or will they have to seek a joint partnership that favors the other company?

If your company knows how to make a profit, the company can use that money to grow their business, which increases shareholder value. You have to do some research to find these companies, but when you do, you lower the risk of a loss of your capital, and increase the odds of a much higher return.

4. Have an entry and exit plan – and stick to it.

Penny stocks are volitile. They will quickly move up, and move down just as quickly. Remember, if you buy a stock at $0.10 and sell it at $0.12, that represents a 20% return on your investment. A 2 cent decline leaves you with a 20% loss. Many stocks trade in this range on a daily basis. If your investment capital is $10 000, a 20% loss is a $2000 loss. Do this 5 times and you’re out of money. Keep your stops close. If you get stopped out, move on to the next opportunity. The market is telling you something, and whether you want to admit it or not, its usually best to listen.

If your plan was to sell at $0.12 and it jumps to $0.13, either take the 30% gain, or better still, place your stop at $0.12. Lock in your profits while not capping the upside potential.

5. How did you find out about the stock?

Most people find out about penny stocks through a mailing list. There are many excellent penny stock newsletters, however, there are just as many who are pumping and dumping. They, along with insiders, will load up on shares, then begin to pump the company to unsuspecting newsletter subscribers. These subscribers buy while insiders are selling. Guess who wins here.

Not all newsletters are bad. Having worked in the industry for the last 8 years, I have seen my share of unscrupulous companies and promoters. Some are paid in shares, sometimes in restricted shares (an agreement whereby the shares cannot be sold for a predetermined period of time), others in cash.

How to spot the good companies from the bad? Simply subscribe, and track the investments. Was there a legitimate opportunity to make money? Do they have a track record of providing subscribers with great opportunities?  You’ll start to notice quickly if you have subscribed to a good newsletter or not.

One other tip I would offer to you is not to invest more than 20% of your overall portfolio in penny stocks. You are investing to make money and preserve capital to fight another battle. If you put too much of your capital at risk, you increase the odds of losing your capital. If that 20% grows, you’ll have more than enough money to make a healthy rate of return. Penny stocks are risky to begin with, why put your money more at risk?

How to Find Good Penny Stocks to Invest In Trading Penny Stocks

good penny stocksIf you are thinking of investing in penny stocks then it is important to have a set of guidelines that helps you identify the winners from the plethora of options available. While you might be a whiz on the traditional stocks like the Google’s, IBMs and Boeings of this world, penny stocks require a different game plan and whole new mindset.

An Understanding Of The Industry Is Vital

Researching and having a good understanding of the industry sector is vital, often the industry you currently work in has a number of small companies researching a product or service that will revolutionize the way your sector operates so it always pays to look in your own backyard first. However, unlike regular stocks, getting access to the news that pushes the share price up or down isnt always that easy. If Intel releases a revolutionary new microchip then every media company in the world will report it, but if a 5 man R&D company develop a product that could reduce water usage in every household then its unlikely to make the news, despite the potential for there to be a lot of interest from home owners and housing trusts.

Know Where To Find Penny Stock News

penny stock newsKnowing where to find the news is an important first step. You might find it on the company website, it might be on the Twitter account of the company owner, it might even be in a Youtube video where one of company employees gave a speech to an industry seminar. If you happen on a piece of news on an industry blog which quotes the company owner as saying the breakthrough is round the corner and they have a product that would appeal to the mass market then chances are you could be on to a winner.

Penny Stock Newsletters

One method that many people use is to subscribe to penny stock newsletters like the one from Peter Leeds or Penny Stock Psychic. These newsletters have built up a reputation for identifying penny stocks that have the potential to shoot up in the short term. The reasons could be anything from the award of a patent to the granting of a mining license or the announcement of a groundbreaking product which is ready to go to market. The newsletters take care of a lot of the research for you but that doesnt mean you should rely solely on these picks. Conduct your own research in parallel and try to understand why or how the penny stock is a good (or bad) pick.  Another highly recommended penny stock alert service is the Penny Stock Prophet. You can read my detailed review at Penny Stock Prophet Review.

Avoid Free Penny Stock Newsletters

free penny stock newslettersFree penny stock newsletters tend to contain poorer and less well researched picks, so be mindful if you choose to start your investing based on a free newsletter. The paid newsletters, while expensive, often have a proven track record with testimonials from subscribers to back up the performances that the trader may claim.

Secrets Of Success In Penny Stocks Trading Penny Stocks

avoid pitfalls The Internet has made online investing easier than ever before and people who would never have traded stocks 10 years ago are finding themselves attracted to making online investments via very easy to use interfaces. With just a few clicks of a button they can own their own piece of Coca Cola or Boeing.  As people are becoming comfortable with investing online and ever more disenchanted with the returns they are seeing from their pension plans (or in some cases, massive losses), the attraction of unlimited earning potential from penny stocks becomes too hard to resist. But there are pitfalls and dangers that await the novice investor so we take a look at some of the secrets behind the successes of the wealthy penny stock traders.

Create A Budget And Stick To It

budget penny stocksThe first priority is to create a budget and then resolve to stick to it. All too often you will hear stories of people over-spending on a penny stock because they believed the price was about to go up when actually it did the opposite. For a penny stock to half in value doesnt take much and in just half a day you can see a significant part of your investment wiped out. Even taking a cautious approach and spending a low amount can lead to overspending, particularly if the stock starts to go up and you fear you might miss out unless you buy more shares so before you buy any penny stocks, pick a reasonable amount that you will put in to any one stock.

Have An Exit Strategy

exit strategyIn conjunction with having a budget and buying enough shares to not make you fear you are missing out, having an exit strategy is also highly advisable. Penny stocks react strongly to news or even rumors and its not unheard of for penny stocks to quadruple in value on a baseless rumor or even the expectation of some news. Learn when to exit or at least pull out your initial investment. Only a small percentage of penny stocks go on to be listed on the mainstream exchanges so if you pull out your money after making 300% return you would be very unlucky if the penny stock continued its astronomical rise. More likely is that the rumor or news never materializes and you are left with a frustrating wait again as the share value returns back to the original price.

Never Get Emotionally Attached To The Penny Stock You Are Buying

The next secret is to never get emotionally attached to the penny stocks you are buying. This is far easier said than done and even experienced traders fall victim to holding on to a stock in the belief that it will eventually come good. Unlike the large blue chip companies, penny stocks wont pay you a dividend every year so there is no financial benefit to holding on to a penny stock that isnt going anywhere. Your money is far better invested in a company that has a roadmap and a plan to go to market. Investing $1000 in to a penny stock which doesnt move in 12 months means you might as well have put the money in the bank given the 0% return youve got on it.

Do Never Invest In A Company That Hasnt Got An Income

good penny stockInvesting in a business which hasnt got an income is extremely risky. You need to have confidence and belief that what ever it is the company is researching will one day be a big hit. For this reason there is no point investing in a company that builds underwater turbines if you know nothing about them! On the other hand if you are in the aviation business and a company is close to launching a product that you know will revolutionize the industry then it may be worth taking the risk because you have a very good idea how well the product will do. Essentially, a good penny stock trader only buys in to companies that are in a sector they fully understand. If you know nothing about the Russian mining industry, how do you know that the company you are invested in is going to get its license? At the end of the day buying penny stocks on the basis that it has the potential to go up is gambling and not trading.

Secrets Of Success In Penny Stocks Trading Penny Stocks

penny stock scam We all know that trading in penny stocks contains a large element of risk, but that doesnt stop many us from being attracted to the potential rewards that they can generate. One way many investors look to minimize their risk trading penny stocks is to signup to online newsletters which claim to send the best picks on a regular basis.

Free Penny Stock Newsletters

The problem with free penny stock newsletters that send out the latest penny stock picks is that you often have no idea who is choosing the picks or based on what information. Does the author have a track record or are they simply picking the penny stocks that are causing the most discussion on the various penny stock forums? Even worse, they could be accepting solicitations from various companies or individuals to pick a certain stock.

Best Penny Stock Newsletter: Penny Stock Finders

One service I hihgly recommend is Penny Pick Finders. Penny Pick Finders is a better kind of penny stock resource. They offer more in-depth newsletter information to small-cap and penny stock traders, specifically in the OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets than any other penny stock newsletter out there. Their goal is to provide both their members with a sound knowledgebase of the OTC Markets, and timely alerts of unknown stock plays, with massive growth potential. They strive to bring their members the breakout securities in the small-cap and micro-cap sectors of investing, before the rest of the market catches on. You can now sign up for a free trial justclick here.

How To Reduce The Risks Investing In Penny Stocks

penny stock riskAnother way to reduce the risks of investing in penny stocks is to avoid the free picks that sometimes come out of the blue. For example if you are active on some forums or blogs and strike up a rapport with other users and then one day find a hot pick in your email inbox from one of the other users, treat it with a high degree of suspicion. In this day and age, fraudsters know that sending out millions of spam emails doesnt produce the results like it used to so instead they need to build an association and rapport with individuals and then send them the pick. While it takes time and effort for them to do this, its far more effective than sending out emails and because the victim feels like they are getting a personal recommendation from a friend and they are more likely to act on it.

Penny Stock Forums  Are A Meeting Place Of Scammers!

penny stock forumsSimilarly, on the forums and chat rooms, you will have shills and fraudsters looking to “pump and dump” penny stocks. Since it only takes a small price movement to make a lot of money and the volumes required to move the share price up (or down) is so low, be mindful of people making excessive noise about a particular stock and certainly avoid anyone who claims to have inside information that the stock is about to soar!

At the end of the day, no amount of 3rd party picks can replace your own research, so while you might want to subscribe to various penny stock picks when you start out as a penny stock trader, you should also be looking to develop your own research methods or even look to specialize in a particular industry niche like bio-genetics or integrated circuit boards (computer chips) so that you know if a company has the potential to make it big with their invention or new patent.

Recommended Penny Stock Newsletters

1.Penny Stock Psychic
2.Penny Stock Finders
3. Penny Stock Formula
4.Penny Stock Scientist

Penny Stocks Formula Review Trading Penny Stocks

Any smart investor using Penny Stocks Formula has learned their lesson. They never let a broker lead them to the water blindly and start slurping away like a caravan stopped at a desert mirage – instead, they take informed professional advice from an investor and then do their own research using due diligence, and of course experience.

That model of investing will always be better than just throwing your money after the latest trends. And though many people have become more wary of the stock market due to its recent losses, there is still a way to make a lot of money in very little time without too much difficulty, betting on trends that are long-established in the market – put simply, the fact that every stock must fluctuate in price.

The great thing about Penny Stocks Formula, though, is that it offers a newsletter service to help you pick great penny stocks that can fluctuate by over 500% in a matter of hours – not years or even days. You can be in and out of a stock without investing your life savings, and still make a tidy profit – when you know what to look for. No more sifting through a thousand penny stocks, while white-knuckling your office chair. There is an easier way.

In reviewing the penny stock newsletter thatPenny Stocks Formula provides,t is clear that they do their homework. They weigh important, key factors in choosing their recommended penny stocks, such as the points mentioned below:

•    Relevant news on a company – and especially breaking news, whether it is good or bad so you can short a penny stock if you have enough capital to invest and really make a killing.

•    A company’s overall growth potential and its relevance in a competing market. It compares a penny stock’s possibility to rise to the top of its heap in one of the most competitive markets of all time.

•    The overall sales and revenue of a company. The bottom line says it all – if they aren’t selling, then the company doesn’t recommend their stock, pure and simple.

•    How does the penny stock perform in its market sector? Are there any trends that most people don’t notice, and you can take advantage of?

•    How is the company managed? Even if a company is rather small and has a possibility of making lots of money selling its product or service, it can be run into the ground by bad management and ownership. stock recommendations are usually stocks that have high-performing CEOs or reputable owners, or somehow stand out in their field for the way they run their business.

thumbupIt is hard work for investors to do their due diligence these days, but with a handy newsletter like this one, you can sit back, sip your foaming coffee and let the information come to you instead. The price is right too, with an introductory trial offer of only $4.95 for a 30 day trial. You can paper trade the stocks the site recommends and then decide if the companies they are suggesting to you are worth their weight in gold, or just another fly-by-night operation that you shouldn’t waste your investment dollars in.

More than likely, though, with the level of research that goes into these stock picks, you will want to invest some real green once you see how your ‘paper’ stocks do. Recent returns were in the 300, 400 and 500% or more area, so for the same price as a cup of expensive coffee, you can check out the stock picks and start cashing in big time right now. Penny Stocks Formula is HIGHLY recommended and I highly suggest you download Penny Stocks Formula now.

download penny stocks formula

Penny Stock Egghead Review Trading Penny Stocks

penny stock egghead reviewIf you’re tired of trading software or empty promise stock ‘tips’ that leave you in the red, then it is time to check out Penny Stock Egghead. You don’t have to know anything about trading – that is one of the better things about this product.

Lots of stock-tip sites promise to teach you how to make millions but don’t really start with the basics. This site does. So lets begin with my detailed Penny Stock Egghead Review.


What Will You Get When Joining Penny Stock Egghead?

penny stock eggheadYou get quality weekly email updates when you purchase the product at Penny Stock Egghead, not a bunch of hearsay. It is well documented advice that anyone with a brain, not necessarily investment savvy, can follow. Nathan Gold has advised some top CEOs in the past, so he isn’t some fly-by-night Internet scam, of that you can be sure. Just do a Google search on some of his finance industry credentials.

You Only Need A MINIMAL Investment To Get Started!

Another great thing about Penny Stock Egghead is that you don’t have to start with thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment capital. There is a math genius who created this Newsletter that has escaped the recent blood bath on Wall Street and come out unscathed by looking into penny stocks instead of trying to trade with the big guys – you know, all those companies who recently benefited form the bailouts and loose governmental controls on Wall Street trading.

Just ONE Trade Per Week Can Make You Rich!

Instead of trying to trade on that market, and picking through thousands of horrible penny stocks that aren’t even worth the paper they are printed on, you can learn how to invest in just ONE trade a week, with a well-researched stock tip on a penny stock that is about to go through the roof. If you want to change your small investment of just $200 into some serious cash – even hundreds of thousands of dollars over several months of methodical trading – then it is time for you to try Penny Stock Egghead ’s product. It makes some big claims, but actually follows up with high-quality information.

Your Weekly Email Newsletter From Penny Stock Egghead Contains ROCK SOLID, WELL RESEARCHED Information

It isn’t just an email once a week that says, “Hi, good to see you are checking your email and haven’t sent me to your spam – here is the stock you should buy.” It actually tells you which stocks to pick and WHY with lengthy details, what makes this a good time to purchase and what you should do to maximize your returns – where you should sell, etc. One stock pick on, IDGI, recently made a 50% profit. It started trading around .0085 per share and went to over .014 in one week. That’s a tidy profit even if you only invested a few hundred bucks in the stock.

Once Again: You Only Need A MINIMAL Initial Investment To Start Making Money Trading Penny Stocks

Lets continue my Penny Stock Egghead Review and have a look at the required initial investment you need: One of the really great things about Penny Stock Egghead is that you can start with very little capital. Who has thousands to blow in this economy anyway? Start with as little as a $100 – what you might splurge on a big dinner with a date and start to see a return. Not many penny stock investment sites will guarantee results or your money back – so that $100 can be more like $0 if you aren’t happy with his suggestions.

So Why Do I Think That You MUST Join Penny Stock Egghead If You Want To Make Money Trading Penny Stocks?

plus  Nathan Gold is a well known expert in penny stock analysis. He has advised some top CEOs in the past.

plus  I have been a member of Penny Stock Egghead for over 2 months and Nathan has been right on his penny stock picks over 90% of the times. I alread ymade some serious cash and and there is a great chance to make some serious cash in the coming weeks.

plus  Nathans  provides evidence and analysis of his penny stock pick. You are not “left in the dark” . You will exactly know why a penny stock pick is HOT.

plus  Penny stocks are affordable. You can buy shares for around $0.01 or less most of the time. The maximum price is $5 per share. Thats why in case you los eone week, there is no significant loss.


stocks upI guess it is a good idea to show you some previous picks and the results they generated. Thats why there are 2 recent examples below. Of course you should be aware that that not every weeks pick will be a winner.

Released GRO on Aug 12th at $.70 before it ran to $1.92 for a 175% gain.

Released OCTI on Aug 19th at $.0151 before it ran to $.065 for a 330% gain


For wary individuals and you should be considering all the crazy stuff that has been going on in the investment world lately – you can join Penny Stock Egghead risk free!  Just ask for a refund if you don’t feel the investment tips are worthwhile. You can also ‘play trade’ without using real money. Just keep track of what-if scenarios and purchase on paper only. See if you would have made a profit following his techniques and then decide if you want to put some real cash behind your trades.  If you still are not sure if you can fork over the tiny, one-time $97 lifetime membership fee, you can start with a Penny Stock Egghead 60-day money back offer that makes this deal simply irresistible!

Penny Stock Egghead Review Conclusion

thumb upSo do I recommend Penny Stock Egghead? Yes, I do! (As you can see, my Penny Stock Egghead Review is almost 100% positive!). And just in case you are wondering whether Penny Stock Egghead is a scam please be assured that Penny Stock Egghead is NOT a SCAM! Give it a shot, go ahead and try the Eggheads’ choices and you may be pleasantly surprised with the rewards!


go to Penny Stock Egghead

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MicroCap Speculator Alert – March 28, 2006

Pacific Rim Mining
Corp. (PMU)
is a
revenue-generating gold exploration company in the process of advancing
its flagship El Dorado gold project in El
.  The
Company’s goal is to become a low-cost, highly profitable
intermediate-level gold producer through the development of El Dorado and other
gold projects.  Pacific
‘s philosophy is quality over quantity.
 They believe that the sheer number of gold ounces a
company produces in a year is not as important as the profitability of
those ounces.  Their focus is on gold projects that have
the potential to be in the lowest quartile worldwide of costs – this
criterion guides their exploration from project generation through
development and production.  Its principal property is
the El Dorado gold property located in El
.  In addition,
the company holds exploration license for Santa Rita Gold Project,
El Salvador; a 49%
joint venture interest in the Denton Rawhide Mine, Nevada; a 100% interest in San
Argentina, as well as
interest in Carrera and Colina Gold Projects, Chile.

Pacific Rim Mining
Corp. is based in Vancouver, Canada and employs 100

Does APGS Have What It Takes To Break Out?

Good morning!

APGS stock chart

Some more details on Apps Genius Corp. (APGS) ahead of this mornings bell.

APGS makes the Snookie phone game you might have seen on Conan OBrien. (See the video.)

And the Internet is now crawling with over 4 MILLION references to this APGS product.

With word-of-mouth like that, its a good bet APGS can sell a lot of these games to rabid Jersey Shore fans.

No accounting for taste, but theyve got money to spend on toys, and APGS is the company thats selling to them.

What really got my juices flowing on APGS was the hidden potential in its chart.

The overall trend points down, sure. Thats because investors keep pumping cash into APGS and getting minty-fresh shares in return.

Maybe dilution is a factor for long-term investors. You and me, though, were in it for the one-day trade.

When APGS sets up right, its proved it can spike 40% to 50% in a matter of minutes.

The latest big swing was only 2 weeks ago.

Thats when APGS leapt back up to the 50-day trend line after briefly dipping below it.

That reversion to trend translated into an easy 50% returnand as of Monday, APGS was in roughly the same position.

Meanwhile, APGS keeps growing its business into new areas like microfinancing.

Read up on Kickstarter and the $300 MILLION a year its raising for other start-up projects.

So if you loved this stock as the online presence of the Jersey Shore diva, its still got all the Snookie you can shake.

But if you were a Snookie hater, theres a lot more here now.

After all, this stock has shown us all that it can soar when it wants to.

And its picked up a loyal cult following in the process!

If APGS is back on the move, can you live with yourself if you miss it?

MicroCap Speculator Alert – April 25, 2006

Inc. (ITRO)
through its subsidiaries, offers photochemical recycling and related
silver recovery, and liquid fertilizer manufacturing services. It provides
photochemical management services; and sells photochemical concentrators,
silver and liquid fertilizer products. The company also provides mineral
project planning and technical services, such as mineral economics,
geological studies, mining and cost engineering, and project management
services to the U.S.
and foreign mining companies, public utilities with mineral interests,
various state agencies, the U.S. and foreign governments,
and the United Nations and the World Bank. It also publishes specialized
mineral economics and materials financial reports. The company markets its
photochemical products to photo-processing, printing, x-ray, and medical
organizations; and liquid fertilizer products to commercial markets,
including golf courses, turf farms, and specialty agriculture, which
includes vegetables, fruit and nut trees, and wine and table grapes in the
western United States markets in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii,
Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington; and in the eastern United States
markets in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

is headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

MicroCap Speculator Alert – April 11, 2006

SAMEX Mining Corp.
is a junior resource
company engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties
in South America, particularly in the countries of Chile and Bolivia. The Company focuses
its exploration activities on the search for precious metal deposits.
SAMEX management is motivated by a strong conviction that gold and silver
are precious, valuable �hard assets�. In spite of lackluster precious
metal prices of recent years, SAMEX has persistently maintained and
declared its strong belief that gold prices are significantly undervalued
(Editor note: It appears they were correct has gold topped $600 an ounce
this week). Their objective is to be well-positioned to benefit from
increases in the value of gold and silver. The Company holds an interest
in the Los Zorros district gold-copper-silver prospects in Chile and in
six mineral exploration properties in Bolivia; El Desierto, Eskapa, Santa
Isabel, Walter, Wara Wara, and Yaretani. They are an exploration stage
company and have no mineral producing properties at this time. All of
their properties are exploration projects, and we receive no revenues from

SAMEX is headquarted
in Abbotsford, British Colombia.